You don’t Have to Spend Millions to Jumpstart Your Branding

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brandingHad branding been easy, companies need not spend millions of dollars of precious advertising money. Luckily, to compete with the best you don’t have to stretch your limited budget razor-thin. With an eye for excellence and a few tweaks, you could be reaping the benefits of quality branding without breaking the bank.

Mighty Branding

You can’t really overemphasize the power of branding in today’s highly-competitive world. There's a story of one super-talented basketball player that, because of branding, created a billion-dollar franchise in the process.

Sounds familiar? Yes, because that player is called Michael Jordan. A quick retrospective will show you not only did he wear Converse in college, his ultimate dream was to be the product endorser for German shoemaker Adidas. But his dream shoe endorsement was not meant to be. Instead, Nike, a struggling American shoe company in  1984, went on to sign Michael to a shoe deal that would eventually put Air Jordan shoes as the biggest basketball shoe brand in history.

Even years after MJ retired from the game, 58% of all basketball shoes and 77% of kid’s basketball shoes bought in America today still bear his logo. In 2012 alone, Air Jordan shoes have sold over $2.5 billion worth of sales. 

Starting Small

You need not stretch yourself thin needlessly to create a successful branding; you can begin with your product labels, which, of course, require a reliable and fast label printer. Ultimately, these labels create lasting impressions with your client as they are the first inspected once your products are delivered.

In this regard, employing quality label printer is wise.  These printers make sure you don’t compromise on quality even with thousands upon thousands of labels printed. Added to this, utilising the machine should be light on the budget – setting you away from unnecessarily big financial obligations and making your cash flow healthier. Even better, you save time as you can create plates in a jiffy.

Truly, with smart labelling, you can get your branding started without losing a shirt or two.

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