What VSAT Can Offer Businesses

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Businessman's browsing the web through his laptopAlmost everything is connected to the Internet nowadays, and therefore, having the right kind of Internet connection for your location and use is essential. In more urban areas, fiber connection and DSL are prevalent. However, when it comes to rural areas and even for maritime and airline use, people turn to the Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) Systems.

What is VSAT?

VSAT systems are designed to be used in remote locations with the use of a small antenna that communicates with a larger satellite. It is often described as a private earth station as it is designed to send and receive signals via satellite.

A VSAT user would need a box that serves as a bridge between the computer and the outside antenna with a transceiver. Then the transceiver sends a signal to the satellite transponder. The satellite, then, sends and receives a signal from the private earth station which serves as a hub. Each user is interconnected through the hub station. VSAT can handle voice, data, and video signals.

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Different usage of VSAT

Because VSAT can technically be used anytime, anywhere, different industries are including it into their systems. For one, in-flight connectivity has become possible, thanks to VSAT. So are ATM transactions which require wireless connectivity. Maritime communication has also become more convenient, thanks to VSAT. Other than that, the system is also used for police surveillance, database monitoring and access, and environmental purposes. It has also come in handy for emergency response, for travel and tourism purposes and is also widely used in the mining and exploration industry.

These are only some of the many uses VSAT can offer people. Other advantages such as privacy, reliability, and flexibility make VSAT a choice not just of businesses, but private homeowners as well.

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