What to Do When Half of Your Workforce is Always Out and About

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WorkforceIn today’s competitive global market, clients demand higher levels of efficiency. In service-oriented industries, having a mobile workforce is a must. This may include tasks like repairs, deliveries, and other services that require physical interaction with the client.

For managers, it is quite challenging to keep track of your workforce when they are always out and about. After all, supervision is much easier when your employees are all at the office and easily accessible. Regardless of the difficulty, you will still need to connect with your workers in the field.

Invest in Management Software

If you have a mobile workforce, investing in field service management software can streamline the process for you. With the advent of mobile phones, there is no more need for bulky clipboards and lengthy, unnecessary calls. Nowadays, your engineers, delivery personnel or other workers on the field can access their tasks on-the-go and update you in real time. Having a dedicated task portal makes the workflow more efficient.

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Track them with GPS

There was a time when GPS was purely for the use of the US military. Nowadays, GPS is free, affordable, and can be tapped by anyone with a device that has GPS capability. Tracking your workforce with GPS, especially when it comes to deliveries and repair services, is an extremely useful tool to have.

You can keep track of their location and their estimated distance to a client. When you get a call, it makes it easier for you to assign the closest one to the job.

GPS can also help you keep track of travel and labour times for each task that comes along, which is useful for profit analysis.

Be Engaged

Even with all of the technology that you have on hand, always remember the human aspect of your workforce. Engage your workers by speaking to them directly. Provide advice and suggestions where you need it, and do not forget to show them your appreciation for a job well-done. Your workers may be away from the office, but it does not mean that you have to be impersonal and disconnected from them.

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