What are the Skills That You Need the Most to Get a Job in 2018?

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a job interviewThe top 10 most important skills for every job hunter this year involve familiarity with online and software technologies, according to a LinkedIn analysis. Those who want to move up the corporate ladder should consider taking online courses for some of these skills.

Self-improvement applications or apps are also another option to help you track your progress.

Hard Skills

Aspiring platform engineers and cloud architects need to be adept in cloud and distributed computing. Employers that need a business or data analyst would require them to be skilled in statistical analysis and data mining.

Middleware and integration software, web architecture and development framework, and user interface design complete the top five skills. These would be necessary for related jobs such as IT managers, web developers and systems integration engineer.

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While learning a new skill takes time and money, the good news is that professionals with these skills can earn a hefty salary. In the U.K., recruiters are also keeping up with the need to be digitally competitive by using artificial intelligence.

AI Scouting

Some of the biggest HR staffing companies in the country have struck a partnership with LinkedIn. This deal provides them with certain data that gives a hint on when a person is about to look for a job. By doing so, recruiters can offer them a pre-emptive job before they can even send a formal application.

This particularly works in favour of company executives and those in senior management roles. It would also benefit companies in industries with a slim workforce, or firms with a shortage of skilled employees.

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Modern technology has redefined the job market by requiring applicants to be skilled in a variety of digital skills. Fortunately, for job hunters, there are many ways for self-improvement that need minimal spending. What is your plan to enhance your skill set?