Ways to Retain Information from eLearning

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ELearningHiring an external trainer to improve employee skill sets is often a costly endeavor. Videos and eLearning tools provide businesses with a cost-effective alternative to train and introduce staff to your company’s operations.

Videos and eLearning tools may improve workforce productivity, however, they must meet certain criteria to be effective.


Research agrees that the use of videos boost learning results and improves retention of information. Passive watchers will not absorb much of the information they get from the eLearning tools you create. Learners must engage with the material you provide them, too.

One of the ways to make your videos or eLearning tool more engaging is to provide users with interactive elements such as quizzes, surveys, activities or polls. The combination of visuals, interactivity and audio enables your workforce to retain information better.


Velpic agrees that an interactive learning tool is an effective way to boost information retention. Sprinkling questions within the videos you share enables users to engage with the content and analyze the information. It is important to “check-in” with learners using a question or two every two minutes. This keeps audiences working and thinking throughout the duration of a video. Doing this reduces the likelihood of forgetting critical info later on in the session.

Bits of Information

Too much information all at once counters the positive effects of eLearning and videos. Users may forget important information and fail to adopt the new skill they gained. Learning is best when a person receives it in portions they can absorb. A ritual of learning, even in short times and small portions, makes a person more receptive to the material.


Make the tools and materials accessible so that users can easily refer to it whenever they forget information or want to refresh what they learned.

ELearning is an effective way to disseminate information, train and upgrade the skills of your workforce and induct new employees. A tool that is accessible, interactive, comes with questions and in small portions enable users to retain the information better.