Use Negative Keywords for Positive Results

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Maximize Your PPC CampaignsThe use of negative keywords is one good way to reduce irrelevant traffic in your PPC campaign. These phrases stop your ads from appearing in unwanted search queries and reduce the level of unqualified traffic. They also make sure that you only target the most suitable prospects, while also increasing click through rate and lowering cost.

Negative keywords can keep your campaign from matching too many searches. These phrases tell Google or search engines the queries that are not relevant to your business. Digital marketing agencies in Minneapolis note that they let you pursue high volume of traffic, which can improve the functionality of your search engine marketing.

In Perspective

Many do this by using Google AdWords, designating the terms they want to bid on and the other phrases they do not want included on the clicks that they will pay for. When you add phrases and terms as negative keywords or exclusions, your campaign won’t show to users searching for those keywords or visiting sites that contain those phrases.

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When you’re selling genuine designer shoes (Jimmy Choo or Chanel), for instance, you can include words like fake or imitation in your negative keywords list. Through this, when a searcher types “fake Chanel or Jimmy Choo shoes”, your site will show up in the search. This is because you have added “fake and imitation” as irrelevant keywords.

Choose the Right Keywords

When selecting keywords, choose those that are similar to yours, but indicates that people are looking for another item. When your site, for instances, only sells electric guitars, classic and acoustic guitars can serve as negative keywords.

Don’t use too many phrases, as your ads may only reach a few customers. You can pick the obvious negative keywords, but be sure not to go overboard. Add those phrases or words carefully, so you will not affect the buying cycle or shut down traffic.

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Drive better traffic to your campaign by using negative keywords. It is best to build a list of keywords consistently to maximize your new PPC campaigns.