Tourism 101: Four Tourism Marketing Strategies That Work

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Three friends travellingTourism is important in any developing country. It boosts the economy in ways such as providing employment and enhancing conservation of local areas. Tourism is an “economic and social phenomenon” that countries and cities should pay attention to. Promote your destination online through the following practices.

Assist Visitors Before They Arrive

Before visiting a destination, travelers search for it online first. Be the first to assist them by creating a mini campaign that will help them answer basic queries such as “where to stay,” “where to eat,” and “best mode of transportation.” You can do this through a website or by investing in a convention and visitors bureau mobile app.

Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers are people with an established online following such as bloggers, vloggers, and well-known Instagram users. Collaborate with them by sponsoring their trip in exchange for publicity and online content. Make sure that the influencer caters to your industry to instantly convert his/her followers to visitors.

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Invest in Destination Videos

Video marketing is one of the best ways to promote a product and service, or in your case a tourist spot. Create a short yet appealing video (one to two minutes is ideal) that highlights the sights, food, and people of your area. It should be informational and enticing enough for viewers to share it online.

Focus Your Marketing by Traveler Type

Tourism marketers often overlook this advantage when promoting online. Even if you know who you are selling to (travelers, obviously) you should specifically identify the kind of people these travelers belong to. Do you like to attract millennials, families, couples, or backpackers? Determine the audience that best suits your destination and build your marketing strategy around it.

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Whether you’re promoting a country, a city, or a hotel, your tourism efforts will create an impact on the economy. Know your audience and work around them for a highly efficient tourism marketing strategy.