Top 3 Reasons to Use Videos to Increase Conversion

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a group of friends taking a group pictureSo you are thinking of making improvements to your marketing strategy but haven’t quite decided what you need to implement to increase conversion. Well, you can start by using the more audiovisual content. Reputable video production companies in Denver can help create high-quality content that catches the attention of your target audience. But why exactly do marketing videos work?

1. Video simplifies concepts.

You probably have lots of written content on your website, and that’s okay. But think how much of all that content you could put in just a few short videos. You see, it takes several seconds to show in a video what might have been explained in several hundred words. For instance, you can demonstrate how to change the oil in a car within moments in a video, but writing about it could take thousands of words.

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2. A video shows products in action.

How many times have you decided not to buy a product online because you weren’t sure of how it looked, felt and acted in real life? Video helps clients see the unboxing of a specific product. They are able to see its size in relation to other things around it, its appearance, and how it functions. This makes it easier for them to make a decision on whether to order it or not.

3. Reading is tiring.

That people are lazy is a fact universally acknowledged. Few people are willing to spend all that time and mental energy reading and making sense of content. A video makes things so much easier for them. All a client needs is press play and watch. And most clients will share a video they like, which can lead to more sales. Investing in the high-quality video is one of the best marketing strategies business can adopt today. Not only is audiovisual content compelling; it is also highly effective in helping clients make decisions on whether to buy or not.

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