The Working Mom: Create Your Own Kid-Friendly Home Office

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Kid-Friendly Home OfficeIf you're planning to reserve a room or area of your house to convert into a home office, you should also consider your preschooler who may insist on keeping you company. Not that you don't adore them but they may get in the way of work.

Make your home office as safe and comfortable as possible with these suggestions:

Space-Savers – Having secure space-saving storage and shelves installed in your office not only creates a more efficient and effective workspace, it also minimizes what your child sees and therefore less for them to try to "explore". Invest on childproof locks for your cabinet doors and desk drawers.

Light Sources – Since you will be allowing your child to stay in your office, make sure you have adequate lighting for the whole room. Your desk may be well-lighted but if you toddler decides to sit in a corner and play his eyesight can be affected in the long run. Look for restful and relaxing tints when buying your LED lights.

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Kid-Proof Electronics – Curious children will make an adventure with your sockets, wires, small gadgets and other home office electronics. That said; install child-proof socket plugs, keep wires tucked away under the carpet or secure them with a wire jacket. Reserve one drawer or cabinet shelf where you can safely store your gadgets when you're busy.

Secure Furniture – Just to make sure nothing tips over because your child decided to be Tarzan climbing a tree, bolt your office table, bookshelves and other office furnishings to the floor. You may want to look into installing wall shelves way above your child's reach. If you can do the same for large office appliances, do so.

As a last resort, consider setting up a mini-office corner for your darling angel, so they can mimic mommy while she works. Throw a few smiles and encouraging words to your child as the day progresses. Most importantly, don't forget to take snack and lunch breaks so you can spend them together too.

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