The Golden Era of Online Backup Has Arrived

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Online StorageCompared to flash drives and internal disks, an online backup system is the most secure way to ensure your files are always safe and accessible.

Whilst it is fine to store your data on physical drives, if you are a company that oversees multiple clients, employee records, operations, or logistical variables, it will take many disk drives or tapes to backup all your files. In addition, it can be unsafe as disk drives can become corrupted.

If you backup your data online, you will be able to develop a secure and reliable disaster recovery plan should the worst happen and you lose data through a system failure, hacking or virus software.

Modern Businesses Rely on Digital Technology

Apart from the inherent benefits of backing up online, whether on cloud storage or an affiliated network, storing business data online is central to the way businesses work nowadays. Compared to virtual disk drives, cloud storage and affiliate network storage systems are virtually impenetrable as they require both physical and back-end server access to hack into them. They are a key component of a successful business and you can be sure that your competitors are probably using online tools to keep their operations smooth and error free.

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When discussing tape backups, the IT Jungle states, ‘When you factor in the recovery time for most companies that rely on tape, the logic becomes twisted. Even with automation, shorter backup windows, multi-platform complexity, and regulatory compliance combine to push the question of whether tape is reasonable, in spite of its widespread popularity’.

Futuristic Technology within Grasp

As computer processors become increasingly fast and data compression technology allows for more and more data to be stored, users have almost more space than they know what to do with.

Bearing all this in mind, businesses should embrace online storage technology as a vital tool to enable them to function as efficiently as possible.