The Gen Y’s Definition of “The Best Trip Ever!”

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Millennials having fun
Millennials, being the largest population since the Baby Boomers, are redefining all aspects of living. From fashion to social media, Generation Y reigns supreme in how things should be, even in terms of trips and adventures.

Their countless Instagram posts and Snapchat stories encourage others to visit a place or city. Because of their growing influence, it makes sense to adequately market and sell trips to this generation.

Technology, being a millennial’s best friend, transforms how travelers plan their trips; usually, it focuses more on budget and convenience. For example, handy web widgets, such as Visit Widget, help tourists plan their itineraries with just an app.

But Gen Y travelers want more than just convenience for a trip. Consider the following:

Authenticity Matters

Baby Boomers were big fans of the comfort and safety of fine dining, luxury cruises, and resorts. Millennials, on the other hand, also like the same options, but with a higher preference for cultural experiences.

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For example, a trip to Burma would be much better if they can find cuisine true to the country’s roots. Homemade meals would be better than “generic” fast food fare. Millennials want authenticity.

It’s All About Unique Memories

Travel photos, videos, and stories dominate social media; they use digital platforms to share their experiences with others.

The more unique an experience, the better

Notice that Gen Y people don’t settle for regular ice cream anymore; if they go on a trip to New York City, unicorn or purple ice cream is their goal. Regular trips won’t do; they’d rather visit monks in jungles instead of the usual beaches (the latter is still an option, though).

Give Them Freedom

Gen Y loves to customize trips. While the typical accommodation in luxury resorts are OK, they don’t appreciate being restricted with their travel choices. Millennials want to explore their options; can they mix and match this travel option with their chosen destination?

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It’s important to give Gen Y travelers “build-your-own” packages instead of the usual choices. This way, they appreciate the consideration of their opinions.

Unique, authentic, and convenient are major considerations in a millennial traveler’s opinion of a good trip. If you want to please them, score well in these areas and you’ll satisfy the Gen Y’s wanderlust.