The Game Changer: Voice Search’s Takeover

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Voice search is a game changing feature that may make or break your online voice recognitionmarketing campaigns. More people are using their mobile devices to search for everything, from nearby restaurants and shops to directions getting to the train station. Knowing how to use this effectively enables your team to adapt and implement changes that could lead to better conversion rates and visibility.

The Game Changer

Speaking into a device is faster and easier compared to typing. Shorter attention spans and faster lifestyles have made this shift possible. People would want to get their search results quicker, and voice search makes this possible. It also weakens the use of exact match or similar keywords, because a person will likely ask the question “Where is the nearest Italian restaurant?” rather than type “NYC Italian restaurant.”

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Google sees voice search as a resolution and a counterbalance to over-optimized websites that are looking for loopholes in the system to nudge their ranking higher. A Minneapolis SEO services company cites that this isn’t exactly doomsday for online marketers. It is only an ideal opportunity to fine tune your approach and connect with your audience.

Who’s Using Voice Search?

According to Thrive Analytics, the biggest users of voice search are teenagers and people in their 20s. Many middle age and senior years are adopting this feature, as it is easier to use compared to typing on a small screen with small buttons.

Voice search by teens focused on making calls, asking for directions, and helping with homework. On the other hand, adults used this feature for directions and dictating texts. These show that many people are willing to adopt this new technology because of its ease of use. Users no longer have to type keywords; they simply have to speak into their smartphone.

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Voice search is changing SEO, and using this for your online campaigns allows you to diversify your reach and improve conversion rates.