The Case for Technology Procurement and Cyber Training in Law Enforcement

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Online Cyber TrainingThe world of the Internet is expanding, and law enforcement needs to keep up. Millions of people are using the Internet every day; officers and policemen who want to protect and serve these millions much also be knowledgeable about the Internet.

Online Cyber Training

To address the lack of cyber training in police agencies ranging from small to mid-size, the FBI recently launched an online course. It is available and accessible, free of charge, to all local, federal, and other kinds of enforcement personnel. The course aims to train officers, especially crime scene responders, with securing electronic evidence.

Technology Procurement

It will do you well to enter the course, if you are a police officer. It will also be good for you and for the agency you belong to if your department keeps up with modern technology. Countless hardware and software like a police dispatch software such as eFORCE Software are widely available to law enforcement agencies. They can help you and your agency better protect and serve your community.

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Risks and Solutions

Of course, it is understandable that the procurement of such hardware and software can be difficult. You run the risk of financial and implementation failure, but this can easily be mitigated. You and your fellow officers need only undertake due diligence in the technology you will acquire.

Due Diligence: Technology Acquirement

Due diligence requires that you gain ample knowledge about advertised technology. You can do this by asking for information and feedback from agencies that use the technology. You can ask for developers and vendors to provide presentations of technology in person.

Due Diligence: Training and Staffing

As you and your agency acquire new technology, the training to operate and administrative duties to maintain the technology may become a concern. It can be difficult to train officers on how to use the technology; it can also be difficult to hire maintenance and administrative professionals. The process will involve a significant amount of funds, but with due diligence, these issues may be overcome.

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Police agencies need to keep up with the technology of the times. It is in this way that policemen can serve and protect the people.