The Advantages of Reselling SIP Trunking Wholesale

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Hand dialing on the telephoneThe Session Initiation Protocol or SIP is the standardized protocol for phone calls made over a data network such as the Internet, as opposed to the traditional PBX lines. Most businesses have shifted to SIP trunking that connects their telephone through the web.

If you are thinking of starting a new venture in the telecom space, then you need to learn more about SIP trunking to help you grow your business.

Entrepreneurs in the telco industry now offer wholesale SIP trunking to companies because of the tremendous advantages it gives to resellers. Here are some of them.

Recurring Revenue

In business, you want to have a constant and predictable stream of income. A good way to start with is through SIP trunking wholesale sales, which gives you an income you can expect to increase without the worry of additional expenses.

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With the correct package, you get paid monthly for every customer you add until the subscription ends. You may need technical maintenance now and then, but other than that, you will continuously earn every month without too much work needed.

Add-ons for Additional Income

There are services you can recommend to your customers for an upsell, which in turn can bring additional revenue to you. You can offer them value-added services such as e911, Long Distance for international calls, and toll-free inbound services, among others; services that companies need.

The more services that will you offer your customers, the better for your business, but always remember to keep the quality of your service at its best.

Fast and Easy Set-up

Unlike conventional telephone systems, you will not encounter delay with SIP trunking. No more waiting needed for the actual phone lines order and installation because customers usually get a control panel available online. This way, it is easier for your clients to be up and running in no time.

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That will eventually result in customer satisfaction and increased trust and loyalty. Once it happens, you will gain more customers through word of mouth.

Now that you know how wholesale SIP trunking can be a profitable venture, you can now decide to take the plunge and be a reseller.