Telepathology: Helping People Across Borders

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Benefits of TelepathologyTelepathology can reach out to the most distant town. By using telecommunications technology, a specialist can transfer an image-rich pathology data to another location. It means a doctor, as well as the patient, in a remote town in Africa can get a second opinion from another specialist in the US or Canada in just a few minutes. Hence, telepathology can transform the lives of sick, poor people from remote towns.

Digital Transmission

Mikroscan Distributed Pathology explains that in a telepathology system, a microscope used to view the pathological data is connected to a camera. Linked to a computer, the camera can send all the images from the microscope to another computer in a different location via the Internet.

This virtual slide technology is essential, as there’s a shortage of trained pathologists in the world today. With this technology, the diagnosis could be faster and more accurate once the local doctor seeks help from a trained pathologist across the globe. Telepathology is also an advantageous tool in research and education. There’s no need to send pathological data through the mail if researchers or students need the help of a professional pathologist to look at their data.

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Reaching the Masses

In developing countries, the Internet speed is relatively slow. But if the local government invests in a high-speed telecommunications network, telepathology can reach and help the masses. After all, the investment in telepathology is much more affordable than sending pathological data abroad for consultation every now and then. If there were no trained pathologists in the local area, telepathology would also be a great tool to improve the efficiency of medical diagnoses, research, and education of the local health facility.  

If health facilities can maximize the potential of telepathology, it can help many people across borders. So it is significant that the countries in the world recognize what this technology can provide and try to get the most out of it.

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