Sydney, Melbourne Rank Among Top 5 Green Cities Worldwide

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SidneySydney and Melbourne ranked among the top five “greenest” cities in the world based on the International Green Building Adoption Index.

The index listed the two Australian cities based on offices spaces that have green certification. It also recorded a growing adoption of sustainable building strategies in not only the country but also elsewhere in the world.

Sustainable Cities

Commercial buildings around the world have become more sustainable, partly because materials have become environment-friendly as well. For instance, pump suppliers in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning sector have provided products that reduce energy consumption.

In Sydney, this contributed to 46.5 percent of 55 million square feet of offices having green certification, according to the index. Melbourne ranked fourth due to a 28.8 percent of its offices being sustainable. The city has 49 million square feet of office space.

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Canada’s Vancouver and Toronto ranked on the top two, as more than half of the office space is accredited with green building certification.

Benefits of Green Offices

Aside from wiser energy consumption, sustainable office buildings are also beneficial for workers’ productivity and health. The Australian Department of Environment and Energy said that volatile organic compounds and poor indoor air quality are some of the causes for respiratory diseases among office employees.

In milder cases, it can cause drowsiness and headaches. Some property experts said that building green offices encourages more than 73 percent of workers to be more productive. If you often notice employees that call in sick, some green offices have been able to reduce absenteeism in their workforce by up 16 percent.

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All of this contributes to a bigger bottom-line.

Green offices provide different benefits for better building performance to more productive employees. This should encourage developers to choose a sustainable design for their project and use environment-friendly materials.