Swimming Pool Building Advice for the Homeowner

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Swimming Pool at HomeSo your neighbors have above-ground swimming pools. But such a structure does not fit your idea of aesthetics. What you want is something more beautiful, something you can build and not assemble, so it follows your sense of style. What you want is an in-ground swimming pool and you intend to build it on your own terms. As of 2008, there have been no fewer than five million in-ground pools built in the U.S. and you want in on the action.

Here are some pieces of advice for building that pool in your backyard.

Pick Your Material

Concrete pools are popular, but there are at least two more options — fiberglass and vinyl-lined pools. Concrete or Gunite or Shotcrete pools are your best option if you intend to customize your pool’s shape. It’s called Shotcrete because concrete is literally shot from a specialized gun onto the walls that are reinforced with steel. The concrete has to cure first before you can apply smooth plaster, paint, or tiles. This will take some time to build, about three months, so you have to be patient if you want a perfect concrete pool designed according to your exact specifications. You have to consider any additional item that you may want in your pool, such as lights, an automatic retractable cover, and of course a filtration system. Be sure to use the right electrical testing equipment for everything so you can avoid problems. Remember, electricity and water are a bad combination.

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Set a Budget

Pools cost money, especially in-ground ones. If you want to go all out, the entire construction may run you up $100,000 easy. Then there’s the cost of maintenance: cleaning, water treatment, replacing busted lights, etc. You may also want to install a pool area fence especially if you have little children or young family members who cannot swim and pets.

Check with Zoning Laws

In addition to making sure your pool is within the boundaries of your area’s zoning, you should also consider the value of your home. In an area where pools are expected, an in-ground pool may actually raise the value of your property. If you’re the only one with a pool, however, this may not be such a good idea — unless you have no intention at all to sell in the future, in which case you are free to decide on what makes your home more in tune with your preferences.

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A pool may not be cheap to build, but if you really want one, imagine all the enjoyment it will give your family. You don’t even have to leave home to have a picnic or swimming party.