Showtime Anytime, iTunes Festival Channels Added to Apple TV Lineup

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Image Courtesy of Max Lewis

HBO Go is no longer alone in the “walled garden” that is Apple TV, as premium-cable rival Showtime gets its video-on demand app into the tech company’s TV-streaming box.

New Channel Lineup

Showtime, known for hit shows that include “Dexter” and “Homeland,” has made its way past Apple’s gates and is now available on Apple TV. The Cupertino-based company also added a dedicated channel for the upcoming iTunes Festival in London.

The Showtime Anytime app for Apple TV includes both live programming and on-demand access to episodes of its shows. As with other Apple TV channels from paid TV networks, users will need to authenticate with their cable provider before being able to watch full episodes on Showtime Anytime.

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The iTunes Festival channel, meanwhile, is now updated for the beginning of the concert series in London that will take place for the whole month of September. As with previous years, Apple TV owners can watch the performances live or stream them after the fact.