SEO in 2016: What To Expect

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SEOThere’s barely a month left before 2015 closes. Considering that search engine optimization in Minnesota is an ever-changing field, you need to be ready for the various developments that will be coming to the field next year. Here’s a quick glimpse of the things you can expect for next year.

1. SEO won't be just about search engines anymore

Considering that it’s in the name, search engines play a big role in any SEO effort. However, it’s not only about them anymore, as new Internet platforms gain a foothold.

Social media, for instance, has considerably grown in the last few years, and is seen to grow even more next year. SEO experts themselves have recognized the new trends and have given attention to social media searches. Hence, building up your social media efforts counts. Note that it should not only be for the popular ones like Facebook or YouTube, but also for new social media sites that could boom.

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2. Mobile search will continue to grow

You have already seen it, not only with the significant increase of mobile devices, but also in the introduction of new device classes, like tablets. These devices have also become more powerful, allowing them to handle more data than before.

However, when optimizing your website for mobile, you still need to be aware of the limitations. Screens for mobile will still be small, since this is crucial for portability. You need to design your site not only to fit within these limitations but also to work effectively with them.

3. The introduction of voice search

Google is set to launch voice search by next year, and experts predict this will make an impact on online searches. While this will add to user convenience, it will also pose a big challenge for businesses. Here, the key is to understand how conversational searches are phrased, to cater to them effectively.

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Of course, these are but a few of the many changes that will take place in the SEO field next year. Make sure you continuously read the news to keep up with all the developments that will be coming in the next few months.