Quick Response Kit: On-Hand Gear for Electrical Fixes On the Go

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Electrical FixIn the field of electronics or computer engineering, machines break down. Or sometimes, you will find yourself having to build a quick-fix circuit or device to circumvent certain technical difficulties. The cabling could snap, the wiring could short, an amplifier needed, et cetera.

For electronics and computer engineers, they get used to these breakdowns fairly quickly. To react to these unexpected, one must be equipped with a quick-fix kit to respond. Here is a quick guide to a kit you will need!

Schematics / Old Programs

Your project presentation is due in a few days, and for some reason your prototype has broken down. Of course, having to break open your device will be impractical. You decide to apply a quick fix such as bypassing a few wires if the connection has gone awry, installing an amplifier if the output is not enough, and such.

Designing one from scratch would be difficult. One trick is to always have schematics of generic electronics handy. That, or schematic designs and simulations of your previous projects or work. Although they may not be the tailored specifically to your needs, they can serve as quick references that will allow you to save time and effort.


This goes without saying, but it cannot be stressed enough. An engineer should always have his tools on hand, especially if he is on the field or still on the clock. A toolbox should contain all the necessary implements of his work: wire cutters, strippers, screwdrivers, tweezers, soldering irons, soldering lead, pliers, et cetera. The tool kit should also include electrical accessories such as cable ties to secure loops of cables, heat shrinks to secure exposed wiring, spare screws for general purpose fastening, and other implements to complement and polish his work.

This ensures that should the need of a quick fix arise, he is equipped with the necessary tools to go about it without having to run to the nearest hardware store.

The need for quick fixes is a fact in the field of electronics and computer engineering. Make sure you are ready to respond to the situation with this quick-fix response kit!