Protect Yourself and Your Car from Theft

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Car Parked Outside The GarageKeeping your car safe and secure isn’t hard work. It only requires a little common sense and some effort, and perhaps some expenses. Whatever the cost of those expenses, however, they are worth the service they provide to help you secure your vehicle. Here are some suggestions:

Don’t Ignore the Safety of your Garage

Some homeowners fill their garage with things they don’t use and park their car outside. Boxes of clutter make the garage essentially useless. Clean and clear your garage and keep your car there each time you go home. Lock it and the car, and take your car keys with you inside the house. Consider a remote for garage doors, so you don’t have to get off your car just to open the garage. This will help keep you safe especially when it’s night-time or when it’s raining or snowing.

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Don’t Stay in your Parked Car

Carjackers are only waiting for an opportunity to take that vehicle from you. If they see you inside the car with the doors unlocked, it only takes a few seconds for them to take the car from you. Even if the doors are locked, a dedicated carjacker just needs to threaten you with a gun and you’ll have no choice but to give it up. So if you have to wait for someone, park properly in a safe and lighted area, kill the engine, get out and lock the car. Wait somewhere else, like a store or café.

Don’t Count Money in your Car

This is common among those who use cash machines. They would withdraw money from the ATM then count their money inside their parked car. After taking your money from the machine, pocket it, get inside the car and drive away. Always remember that a parked car isn’t necessarily a safe car.

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Don’t Depend on the Club

Those steering wheel locks are popular, but they are also notoriously easy to defeat. All a thief needs is to saw through the steering wheel and hotwire the car. Instead of using only a Club lock, install a car alarm system and a kill switch in a place that’s not too obvious. Use your alarm system stickers. Those stickers and the blinking alarm light are usually enough to make thieves move on to the next, less secure car.

You paid good money for that car, even if it’s just a simple model; what matters is that it gets the job done. So do what you can to keep it safe and secure.