Platform Options for Mobile App Development

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Mobile Based ApplicationsEvery business currently owns at least one functional website. Since business owners know that 90% of customers access these websites from their mobile phones, they have focused on responsive web designs. Recent studies have however revealed that at least 60% of web visitors prefer making purchases via mobile apps rather than mobile websites. This is because the apps are faster and more personalised than websites. As such, partnering with a company offering mobile application development services is essential for your company. When embarking on this crucial project, one of the aspects you have to select is the platform on which your app runs. Here are your options:

Mobile Web App Platforms

These platforms create apps that can be accessed on any mobile device with Internet connectivity. The apps are usually coded using HTML5 and sometimes other web languages. The apps will closely resemble your company’s website, but they are mobile-friendly and can also be opened on desktops.

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Native App Platforms

These platforms are used for the creation of apps that are specific to particular operating systems such as Android or Windows. Your user will first download the native app into his or her mobile phone and open it from the home screen. If intended to function on other operating systems, native apps should be separately coded and maintained.

Hybrid App Platforms

These platforms develop apps with features of mobile and native apps. The hybrid apps are hence device-specific,  although they are coded using HTML5. The hybrid app platform is among the most popular since using it to create an app is easier and faster than developing a native app for many devices.

Several elements influence your choice from the app development platforms mentioned above. Among these elements are your intended user’s experience, target market, and the app’s functionality, maintenance costs, and selling speed. Regardless of your choice, the mobile app will be the best investment for your online store.

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