Pics and Things: Making Your Images Visible to Google

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Web SearchThe visual content revolution has truly come upon us. With the infographic craze, the popularity of photo-centric websites like Pinterest, and the enormous success of visual content on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Google+, has no doubt conquered the web.

In fact, in the Official Google Webmaster blog, Google shared some helpful tips for website owners on how they can effectively optimize their website’s images and visual content to increase their rank in Google’s Image Search. These are especially helpful to owners who are experimenting with ways to make their search engine optimization strategy visual.

Use this knowledge to take advantage of the increased popularity of visual content.

How Google Identifies and Indexes Images

Google can currently index the following image types: JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, WebP, and SVG. To learn what a particular image is all about when Google’s algorithms index it, the search engine giant examines the accompanying written copy on the page where the image is, as well as the page’s title and body.

In addition, Google also looks into the anchor text that directs to the image, its filename, and its alt text. The search engine may also use other methods like computer vision (methods for understanding, acquiring, analysing, and processing images) and the caption from the Image Sitemap, if available, to learn more about the images it finds.

Search engine optimization companies like cites that using images is an influential tool to elicit a desired response from your target market, especially if they can find these photos easily.

Google’s New Feature Regarding Image Visibility

Google confirmed that it is currently in the middle of running an experiment to index images that users find within PDF documents and display them within Google Image Search. Many SEO experts noticed this feature recently, and after confirming from SearchEngineLand, Google is working to make finding and displaying images within PDFs in their Google Image Search results possible.

Images play a vital role in reaching your target market; implementing search engine optimization on your visuals improves your rank and draws visitors to your website.