Oh No! You Made Google Mad! What Can You Do?

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Trying to figure out why your website is suddenly experiencing decreasing website traffic? Received a Google Penalty about unnatural links? For experts, these will sound like a normal day at work, but for you, not so much.

Most, if not all, your website content will rank lower after receiving a penalty. You don’t want that to happen, so pay attention to how Google works.

Why Google May be Mad at You

So what set off Google?

Google loathes spam and other underhanded tactics some site owners use to drive more traffic to their site. The problem with this is that Google won’t really know for sure if you committed the offense knowingly or unknowingly. This is why they created policing measures against possible offenses — manual action and algorithmic action.

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google penguinA manual action involves a Google employee reviewing your site and deciding to give you a penalty if they find something off. It can also be because of a spam report sent by an outsider.

On the other hand, an algorithmic action entails the use of computer algorithms like Panda, Penguin, Top Heavy, Pirate, and EMD to sniff out suspicious content.

These algorithms are your best friend because if filters detect something they don’t like, you will say goodbye to your current Google page rank. That’s your SEO nightmare come to life.

Getting Back in Google’s Good Graces

With a lower page rank, you lose vital traffic. This is equal to losing revenue, so be vigilant in employing clean SEO and content marketing practices.

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According to ZOOSeo.com, a Google penalty removal service can restore your page rank. You can do this if you understand all aspects of Google penalties and removal.

Pay attention to your SEO strategies. Whatever you do, remember that in the world of search engine optimization, Google is king and you wouldn’t want his highness to off with your head–or your sales for that matter.