More Americans Now Shop for Groceries Online

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Woman using tabletOnline grocery shopping has become more popular among Americans in the last three months, as almost 50% of consumers have used e-commerce, according to a study.

Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen’s study indicated that this might become a trend in 2018 when more people use online facilities to buy groceries. Convenience mostly serves as the primary reason, since many dislike falling in line at the cashier or driving to the store.

Millennial Buyers

Millennials unsurprisingly accounted for most of the online grocery sales at 61%, followed by 55% of Gen X-ers, according to the study. The popularity of online grocery shopping may even increase by as early as 2022 when 70% of Americans would be using it to buy essential supplies.

It presents an opportunity for e-commerce sites to improve their services and capture a share of the market. Custom software and app development should be among your priorities since competition will be intense to lure repeat clients. In the alcohol market alone, many consumers are now choosing to buy products online and have them delivered to their homes.

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Online Alcohol Sales

In 2017, online alcohol sales in the U.S. rose 1.44% to $1.7 billion. Overall sales from mobile delivery applications reached more than $100 million over the course of five years. While that may be small, it represented a significant increase from zero sales in 2013.

In the next few years, there is an opportunity to make money by selling alcoholic beverages online. Sales are expected to reach between $7 billion and $15 billion, so planning to add a selection of wine or beer products to your online portfolio should be in order.

More consumers will only continue using online channels to buy items online, so this drives a need for online retailers to improve their services. What will be your business strategy?

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