Learn Outside the Box: How Institutions Can Benefit from Alternative Learning

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Maximise LearningIn the age of the Internet and smartphones, do classrooms remain as the most effective medium of learning for people of different work and age groups? What if alternative forms of learning can better engage students and employees?

Online multimedia presentation technologies offer this more flexible alternative. Instead of spending hours on university lectures and business training, learners can cut study time but still retain and comprehend vital information through text, music and videos.

This dynamic learning experience in online classes can be useful for the following institutions:


A number of universities worldwide now offer online classes and certification. Instead of physically going to the campus, a student who lives far from school can still get a degree through online classes. Students can also practise on quizzes and browse reading materials and workbooks in the comforts of their home. This allows people with mobility problems to learn without compromising their health.

For-profit Companies

The corporate arena brims with strong competition. If a company wants to invest in its human resources, it can offer online learning management systems instead of face-to-face workshops with trainers. Employees can learn about business communication, process improvement, and self-management habits in their own pace and time with minimal costs.

Not-for-profit Companies

The same goes for charity organisations. To cut on operating expenses, a not-for-profit group can hire a third party provider who will prepare the learning materials for volunteers and new hires. After all, even these big-hearted institutions need to educate volunteers to provide better service for their cause.

Government Institutions

Government offices can also turn to online learning management systems for educating citizens about their rights. Even a short, engaging video of services offered in local units can provide more information in a shorter time than a simple poster can.

Whilst some learners prefer the traditional classroom setup in schools or offices, it helps to explore other learning options for the next generations. Consider online courses for your organisations and see how your group will appreciate the fresh perspective in multimedia platforms.