IT Security: Why CompTIA Certificate Matters

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IT Personnel Security is one of the fastest growing fields in the IT industry. With the latest technologies available to everyone, it’s easy for hackers and malicious software to steal personal information through computer networks. There is an actual need for more IT security professionals.

Various institutions are looking for IT personnel certified in security. CompTIA, a widely-recognized certification body, offers such security. CertBlaster says that you should start taking your CompTIA Security+ practice test today in preparation for your exam.

What is the CompTIA Security+ Certification?

The CompTIA Security+ is a professional level certification that tests your knowledge and skills in IT security. It covers 6 aspects of IT security from compliance to threats and vulnerabilities. Its topics include network, operations, data and host, application, and compliance security. It also includes topics in cryptography, identity management, and access control.

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Why You Should Take It

Primarily, the Security+ certification is a documented proof of your knowledge and skills in IT security. It ensures employers, or various organizations that you can identify and form a solution related to IT security threats. This can give you an upper hand when applying for a job or membership in any professional organization.

Also, employers prefer certified IT personnel because they can act according to industry standards, avoiding corporate sabotage or business disruption. At the same time, business owners can prove to customers that their products are developed by certified staff or experts in their respective fields. In other words, being certified means more revenue for businesses.

How You Can Take the Exam

First, you have to purchase an exam voucher, choose a test location, and schedule your test. Use an online study guide and take a CompTIA Security+ practice test to familiarize yourself with what can be expected from the exam. Once you pass the exam and get hold of your certification, you should renew it every 3 years.

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