It is Time to Invest in an Online Service Management System

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Online Service Management SystemField service companies make up about 70% of the global economy, but few have online service management system. This reluctance makes no sense. Small maintenance companies, for example, can grow rapidly when they embrace software to streamline their operations. Real-time communication, online access to customer data, and GPS tracking are just some benefits of a good system.

Here are some facts you should know about the service industry in the UK.

Slow to Grow

Only about 30% of all service companies in the UK have some modern service management system in place. However, JobLogic points out, for the majority, things have not changed much in the way they do business. Manual tracking, data entry, and filing systems from forty years back are still in place. They use a lot of paper and waste time and energy because there is no real way to track and manage service and customer issues.

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Communication Issues

The biggest problem with working in the field service industry is real time communication. Workers are always out of the office, and there is no effective way for management to keep an eye on what they are doing. An online service management system enables both workers and employers to communicate well. They can work together to handle certain projects, and iron out any issues that may arise at the site.

As it stands now, most field information stays in the field, and documentation has to wait until the workers come back to home base. It is a waste of time and energy better spent in doing more projects.

Empowering Workers

Field service workers have to think on their feet because they are on their own when they are at a job site. A good service management system provides them with the support they need and empowers them to make good decisions on site. Tracking work hours also eliminates any unpaid overtimes field workers may put in to finish a job. Proper acknowledgment can motivate workers to deliver quality service every time they go out.

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Many companies in the field service industry are missing opportunities for growth. Not having a good service management system in place makes them less competitive. It can improve the workflow for employers and workers a lot. This is one instance when the old ways are no longer the best ways to do business.