Inside Job: Here’s How to Deal with It

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Security ConceptThe ransomware WannaCry is just one of the many forms of attacks of dynamic cyber networks, none of which should be taken lightly. It crippled computers across hundreds of countries and big organisations including the NHS trusts.

Data theft is widespread with no signs of abating. In 2016, Yahoo announced about a billion of its user accounts might have been compromised in 2013 following a data breach. This attack is different to the one in 2014, which exposed more than 450 million accounts.

Granted, businesses can only do so much to protect their assets when data is concerned. But one of the most cost-effective methods is to prevent an inside job through regular monitoring.

Small businesses can consider outsourcing SQL server support for a less-costly yet efficient strategy to tracking access and use of databases. Robust DBA Services are the key to ensure reliability, scalability and efficiency of your business-critical database.

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How Inside Job Happens

What many companies don’t know is that many of the attacks occur because of an inside job. In fact, according to one IT security expert, it constitutes more than 75% of security breaches.

Inside job, though, can be deliberate or an accident. The former may occur when employees become disgruntled and want to get back to the company by stealing and sharing insider secrets. A lack of access control may tempt them to use the information in malicious ways: blackmailing or sale in the black market.

It can also be an accident. For example, an IT person may have failed to log out of the system, making the data now susceptible to theft by any observant personnel. It can also be as easy as making your password visible.

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How to Reduce the Risk of an Inside Job

The process of reducing an inside job risk is holistic. It covers recruitment and human resource management. Policies should be balanced – that is, there should be a corresponding stiff penalty for anyone caught committing such crime.