Improve DMO Customer Experience for Better Promotion Results

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Tourist using his preferred travel appWhen it comes to marketing, there are four Ps to consider, collectively known as “The Marketing Mix.” These include pricing, place, product, and promotion.

While they all play significant roles in destination marketing, all the changes that this particular industry has undergone – and will continue to do so – makes one of the Ps matter more than the others.

The P that matters that most

Destination marketing organizations (DMOs) should perceive the product as their main focus, since they have little control when it comes to pricing and place, and promotion has evolved dramatically over the years, primarily due to technological innovations.

For this reason, destination marketers should put more effort into improving their “product.” And of the many strategies that will effectively catch the attention of their target market and draw in the consumers, delivering ease of travel planning should take priority.

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Improving visitor experience opens doors of opportunities for positive reviews

One of the most effective experience-enhancing tools that DMOs should invest in is an innovative app for destination marketing. When marketers give their customers access to a program that makes planning and travelling easier, they can expect a significantly positive reaction from their market.

In today’s society where news travel really fast, a single positive review can reach thousands and thousands of other people, giving rise to good – and free – publicity.

Great experience serves as a powerful promotional tool

The thing about positive word-of-mouth reviews from consumers is that they actually boost the promotional aspect of a DMO’s marketing campaign. In fact, marketers can take advantage of this and use it as their best and most effective promotional tool.

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Because one can only expect positive publicity from a happy customer, then giving them something to be very satisfied with should take priority.

And an app that will give them the best possible outcome for their travels will surely exceed their expectations.