How Windows in Building Projects Can Reduce Costs

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windows of a building

More building projects in Australia have begun to focus on designing smart windows to save on costs related to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).

The trend of developing smart windows in the country has grown due to a need for sustainable buildings and cities. By implementing innovative window designs, project developers can save a significant amount on HVAC costs.

Window of Opportunity

While this new development seems enticing, take note that it only covers windows and should not be a generic alternative for other HVAC equipment, including pressure vessel, filtration, and other ancillary items. Still, researchers have tinkered with the idea of using modern windows especially in office buildings where HVAC is responsible for an estimated 70% of energy consumption.

Given this figure, it’s unsurprising why developers have been keen on pursuing cost-efficient alternatives for energy distribution within tall structures. One such design involves windows that change in colour and control the amount of emitted light based on a change in temperature.

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Perhaps the most desirable form of glass window technology is one that responds to the environment, although that is yet to be developed, according to Australian Windows Association CEO Tracey Gramlick.

National Code

There is a need to update a national building code amid the ongoing push for sustainable buildings. The National Construction Code, for instance, has been revised significantly in 2010. New updates on policies for commercial towers will not be released until 2019, while those for residential buildings are expected to be released in 2022.

Until then, it means that existing projects still follow standards set in the last seven years, in terms of energy efficiency.

As more buildings in Australia strive to become energy-efficient and sustainable, businesses should not forget to neglect other aspects of HVAC even as windows account for a large share of energy consumption.

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