How To Know Which Processes Should Be Automated

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Presentation about automation as an innovationContrary to popular belief, automation is not always the answer. Jobs that can be unpredictable (forestry, animal husbandry) or require an understanding of humans (customer service, management) can’t be left to computers alone. By knowing which jobs are best left to computers and which ones need that human touch, you’re sure to boost your business’ productivity significantly.
So here’s how you identify tasks that are best automated:

Use software for complex management operations

When it comes to managing your stock, you may have trouble keeping up with all your suppliers. Thankfully, Sourceday, an effective SaaS application, allows you to manage your supply records in real-time. You’ll be able to track orders, deliveries, and payments regardless of how far your supplier is. This also means that you’ll be able to catch and remedy delays as soon as possible.

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 Look for repetitive processes

Human productivity in doing repetitive tasks diminishes over a period of time because of both exhaustion and monotony. In this case, you’re better off using machines to do these menial tasks and reserving human intelligence for more mentally stimulating activities

Use machines for if you need accuracy and standardization

Machines are a lot more consistent in their performance than humans are. They can perform the same task over and over again without slowing down or committing an error. This is especially useful for quality control in manufacturing. Machines and computers can test the physical quality of a product (weight, dimensions, strength, etc.) with a higher degree of accuracy than a human can.

Time and energy are valuable resources. By figuring out which processes are best left automated, you’d be able to channel those resources you’ve saved to where they’ll be able to help you more.

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