Hands-Free Home Security: Your Pal While You’re Out on a Trip

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Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerDo you have any exciting plans for this summer? Planning to attend a music festival or go to the beach? Whatever’s on your plate this season, don’t forget to leave your home secure and safe before leaving on your trip. Forbes found that cases of break-ins increased by 10 percent in June, July, and August, based on FBI data.

Security systems, therefore, are more valuable than ever this summer for homeowners going on out-of-town trips. It makes your home a less likely victim of break-ins and ensures you’ll enjoy the season to the fullest.

Voice-activated and On-the-go Security

Smart home technology was first used to make minor setting adjustments to entertainment systems. The latest improvements, however, allow homeowners control over almost all home devices and security systems.

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Tech giants have launched virtual home assistants capable of pairing with wireless and Bluetooth speakers and other devices manufactured by different brands. So, you have more freedom to choose the brand of the device you can ask security status reports for and hear it through the speakers. Some systems even offer emergency contact alerts through email, text message or outgoing calls.

Pairing-capability with smartphones allows you to receive security reports on-the-go. A corresponding app is often available for easier remote control. Together with security cameras, you can stream live feeds on your phone with a voice command.

Smart Fail-safe Systems

Voice-activated security features may cause concerns about getting hacked. Fail-safes are in place to prevent the system from unauthorized access.

The first line of defense comes with the learning AI system. Some systems have a multi-user access option, which allows the recognition of several voice patterns. Each set of voice patterns may have assigned security clearance and settings.

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Meanwhile, some manufacturers program their virtual home assistants to prevent you from unlocking doors, only lock it. Others need a security PIN to disarm the system, unlock doors from the outside, or make other changes. The added layers of security are only expected to improve in the future.

Home security threats shouldn’t prevent you from going out and having fun this summer. Take advantage of the integrated systems for hands-free and remote control of your security. Leave your home in the safest hands — your own — with a little help from your virtual home assistant.