Google’s Rich Cards and SEO Rankings: What You Should Know

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SEO in BrisbaneIn 2016, Google rolled out a significant search update called ‘rich cards’. These digital cards show additional information of a search result, providing more details than the title and the Meta description. Rich cards for recipes, for instance, display a photo of the food, the recipe minutes, and user ratings.

For now, these innovative cards are applicable to the movie and recipe searches. But in one of its blog posts, Google shared that its team is making efforts to expand the use of rich cards and provide website owners more opportunities to show their content preview. With that, SEO experts expect that Google’s rich cards will hugely affect the search rankings as the details written on them will be indexed, too. So before that happens on a wide scale, here are the things you should know about Google’s rich cards:

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You Can Implement Rich Cards Through Schema Markup

SEO experts say that you can implement rich cards the way you’ve implemented rich snippets — the extra bits of text such as ratings, price, and other minute details that appear under the title of a search result —, through schema markup. This means the learning curve could be shorter for you. Or you can rely on SEO firms in Brisbane, for instance, as they already have executed rich snippets before.

Google Will Help You to Get it Right

Google provides a structured data testing tool that puts new rich snippets or rich cards implementation in a trial run. If you aren’t sure that your code is right, just simply paste the URL of your marked-up page on the tool and it’ll tell you if it encountered any errors in your code.

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While Google is still working on their rich card updates, it won’t hurt if you start learning more about rich card implementation today. After all, the SEO arena is constantly changing and the only way to stay on the edge of the competition is by knowing how to anticipate and adjust to future Google updates.