Floating Fiends: The Danger of Dust in the Workplace

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Dust in the WorkplaceAny floating or fallen particles of solid materials can reasonably fall under the classification of dust, regardless if they’re visible or not. Virtually any kind of material can produce dust, and knowing the different kinds is one of the most important and neglected parts of machining and manufacturing.

Looking into Dust

Most people think dust is a minor nuisance, when it can severely affect their health. Fortunately, many modern factories and workshops have enough foresight to enlist the services of dust collection booths, cites dualdraw.com. These tools are useful in keeping workers healthy even in the most demanding environments. But the presence of such devices doesn’t mean that workers can act without caution.

Understanding the silent killers that may be in the air is still the first and best step in keeping everyone safe.  The first distinction workers need to make in the fight against dust is to determine the type of dust they’re dealing with. The effect of these particles change on whether they’re falling or floating fragments.

Floaters Never Sounded so Intimidating

Floating dust is the one workers should worry about, as they have the most potential to enter the body and cause damage. Metal particles, for example, are a dangerous substance to absorb, but its high density forces it to fall to the floor before anything can happen. On the other hand, chalk is a largely benign substance. But, because of its low density, it has a higher chance of entering the body, and can either cause or aggravate breathing problems.

Workers should always be aware of the kind of substances that they work with, and take steps to ensure their protection. Luckily, this kind of information is within everyone’s reach, as international bodies are doing the leg work in collecting the data. The World Health Organization even has an entire publication devoted to the classification and discussion of dust. This just goes to show how seriously everyone should be taking these microscopic particles.

Dust is everywhere and it can come from anything. Hollywood makes movies from this kind of premise. Realize the danger now, and avoid the problems they will inevitably cause.