Facebook Marketing: Why You Should Be Doing it Right Now

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Facebook MarketingFacebook — you either love or hate it, are on it or not on it, but you can’t deny the fact that it’s the social media site to be on, especially if you’re a small business owner with a relatively small budget hoping to boost your online marketing game. Still not convinced? Here’s why you should be:

About 99% of Your Potential Customers are on Facebook

With more than 1.49 billion users around the world and counting, as well as around 22 billion clicks every single year, Facebook offers the biggest advertising opportunity for businesses since search. Yes, your potential customers are on Facebook, you simply have to find them. 

Facebook Ads are Exceptionally Affordable

While you could use your Facebook page for free advertising, prcaffeine.com and other experts noted that it wouldn’t yield the same results as paid Facebook ads. Moreover, paid ads in Facebook cost a fraction of the other channels you use for online marketing. You simply have make certain that you have a reasonable budget so that you won’t end spending more that you could afford. Create a straightforward strategy, focus your ads, and follow it through.

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Facebook Offers a Wealth of Targeting Features

With a range of ad types, Facebook offers remarkable targeting features that you could easily take advantage of—you could target anyone if they’re on Facebook. You have options for interests, behaviors, demographics, languages, connections, locations, or ages and combine all these to make certain that you’re really targeting only those you want to target.

Retargeting in Facebook is a Breeze

Facebook retargeting is easy because of the custom audiences feature. This is perfect for you since retargeting functions by targeting audiences that have already viewed your website, and hence are highly likely to be more interested to some degree in what you’re offering.

Finding Fresh Qualified Leads in Facebook is a Peach

When you have found the specific audience type that consistently converts, you could actually clone them in Facebook. This is lookalike audiences wherein you could use a custom audience and the hardworking people of Facebook will be the ones to reach new audiences similar to your custom audience. You could likewise build lookalike audiences using conversion pixels, like that from your ads for paid search, your Facebook fan base, or install your mobile app data.

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Whether you’re a fan of Facebook or not and regardless if you have a personal Facebook account or not, your small business should have one so you could begin reaping the benefits of Facebook marketing. If you don’t have the budget to cover all social media sites for your online marketing efforts, choose Facebook.