Facebook Marketing: 3 Smart Tips to Get the Most Engagement

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Branding Techniques for Facebook MarketingIn Facebook marketing, engagement is paramount. After all, that’s the whole point of being on social media: getting users to interact with your brand. So, you post fresh content on a regular basis to induce a positive reaction from your target market. You produce original and curate relevant pieces in hopes of making your audience engage.

Posting content is one thing; eliciting interaction is another. It’s never enough to keep sharing things on Facebook without putting immense thought on it first. Unless you're strategic, even your best content wouldn’t get the attention it deserves.

To keep high-quality users to engage with your brand, follow these tips from experienced experts in social media marketing and search engine optimization in Twin Cities:

Post at the Right Time

In Facebook, timing is everything. If you wonder why nobody reacts to your posts at midnight, it’s because it's the worst hour to engage with your target market.

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Recent data reveals that posts are most likely to be shared between 1PM and 3PM, particularly during Thursdays and Fridays. Most users tend to escape to Facebook during this time, so it’s wise to be active when the social networking site’s traffic is at the highest.

Continue Posting without Going Overboard

Even if you post at an optimal time, a single post could easily be crowded with content in the newsfeed. You have to keep posting fresh items to stay visible to users.

However, you should watch the interval of your posts to avoid annoying your fans and giving each piece a moment to shine. Waiting for your post to die is key. On average, a Facebook post stays alive for about three hours. Savvy social media marketers use tools to keep each post’s lifespan in check.

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Monitor Your Engagement Growth

Once the level of engagement drops, that’s when it's time to post another content. The rule of thumb is to share something new when the engagement growth of the previous one stops at 10% per hour.

There’s a lot of science that goes into making your content shareworthy and engaging. If you don’t hire an experienced social media team, you would essentially be marketing on Facebook in the dark.