Exercise Your Arm for a Better Pitch

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Baseball with a trail of smokeThrow a fastball and record your speed with a Stalker radar gun. Like any other pitcher, you will most likely aspire for an even higher speed than your current one. You can only achieve that higher speed, however, if you improve your throwing arm strength.

Strength for Power and Safety

Throwing arm strength will help you throw the baseball harder, resulting in faster speeds. At the same time, the strength will also keep your arm safe. You will be at risk of arm injuries, but a strong arm can withstand strains. With this, you can perform the following exercises to strengthen your arm all the more.

Warm Up

You can start warming up until you feel hotter inside and you sweat. You can jog, skip, and do arm circles. Jumping jacks or the skip with a twist can also help raise your temperature.

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Target Your Wrists

After the warm-up, you can do power rack wrist rollers. When you lack a power rack, you can simply drill a long pipe, thread in flat webbing, and attach a weight. Place the contraption on a stand at mid-chest height. You can then roll the pipe, pulling the weight up with one hand at a time. The rolls will strengthen your forearm flexors and extensors.

Stabilize Your Scapula

Next, you can do supermans for 30 to 60 seconds. Perform two or three rounds. The superman can stabilize your scapula. During throws, a steady scapula will be able to effectively relieve pressure off your rotator cuff.

Prime Your Shoulders

For the third exercise, you can perform the No Money for two to four sets. Ten to 15 reps will be enough for each set. The No Money can improve your external rotation strength, depression, and scapula retraction.

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Activate Your Arm

Last but not least, you can do several long-distance throws. Your arm muscles will engage and activate through this exercise. You will then instill the proper throwing movement patterns in your arm.

You can follow the routine above two to three times a week for several weeks, and you can see for yourself how faster you can throw.