Does Your Business Need to Invest in a Wet Dust Collector?

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DustIs your company a safe workplace? Are you using materials that present considerable risk to your employees and the environment? With these questions in mind, more companies are now aware of the need to invest in wet dust and fume collectors, as they realize they have to manage air pollution in their work environment.

A wet dust collector, also known as a wet scrubber, is an air pollution technology device that filters dust and other particulate matter from the air. It cleans exhaust gasses from furnaces or other devices to produce clean, contaminant-free gas that presents zero risk. It also aids in removing contaminants that are a fire hazard or may cause health problems to employees within the facility.

How It Works

There are a few types of wet dust collectors, but they all work essentially the same. The flue gas goes down a funnel where it passes through a scrubbing liquid — which is typically water.

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In some cases, where the goal is to remove acids from gas, the water contains some chemicals. As the gasses come in contact with the liquid, the particulates bind with it, leaving the gas clean and the particulates left behind in the waste water.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Wet Dust Collector

A wet dust collector is a versatile, all-around air cleaning device that can handle many types of gas. This includes both combustible dust — such as aluminum and magnesium — and corrosive gasses, such as hydrogen.

They are also compact and can be retrofitted into most facilities, acting as a dual gas and dust collecting solution in one device.

The biggest downside to owning a wet dust collector, however, is the potential cost for handling liquid waste. Currently, dust collector manufacturers are working to reduce the amount of liquid they need and trying to minimize the liquid discharge. They also intend to increase the efficiency of the device.

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Who Uses a Wet Dust Collector

Manufacturing facilities that work with combustible and corrosive materials use wet scrubbers to clean the air of particulate matter. However, other industries have also begun using wet scrubbers to ensure that their products are contaminant-free. These include pharmaceutical firms and food manufacturing facilities.

Do You Need to Invest in One?

If your business involves the use of combustible materials or relies on the quality of contaminant-free products, investing in a wet dust collector is a good investment.

When you use this air pollution management device, you significantly reduce the risk of fire and improve employee safety. Aside from this, you are also ensuring your clients that your products are clean and particulate-free.