Do You Need a VPN Network for Online Activities?

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Man clicking the word Information technology experts recommend the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for users that want better online privacy and security.

Several VPN software products you can get from online providers such as have become available for individual and corporate users, as threats such as hacking and online viruses continue to be relevant concerns for today’s Internet users.

VPN Users

The use of free or paid VPNs usually applies to those that simply want to protect their online identity and personal information. In the U.S., users may want to consider using the network, following the Federal Communication Commission’s repeal of its privacy policies.

Aside from online security, using a VPN allows users to bypass website censorship mandated by countries. This means that if Facebook or Twitter is unavailable in your location, a VPN can let you access social media and other prohibited websites.

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Anonymity and having a different IP address are perhaps the most obvious reasons why you need to use a VPN. If you really need to use a public Wi-Fi connection, it will also secure your data by burying them through encryption.

Some Disclaimers

You need to be aware that should you decide to use a VPN, your data will not be 100% private. A VPN software provider, for instance, will get to see all of your incoming and outgoing traffic instead of your Internet service provider (ISP).

Your ISP can also know if you are using a VPN, although they will be unable to track your online activity such as the websites you visit on the Internet. In the end, choose a VPN that clearly promotes online privacy and does not record your online traffic.

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Depending on the type of VPN that you intend to use, the end goal of your chosen network should mostly be the same with others. It should protect your data and prevent hackers from stealing valuable information among others.