Capturing Stunning Photos, Even in the Rain

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rain photographyIt is easy to see why rain creates a sense of worry even for professional and experienced photographers. Shooting in the rain presents all sorts of challenges and can cause irreparable damage to camera equipment if a photographer does not take precaution.

Bad weather, however, can sometimes present an opportunity to let your imagination run wild. Preparing for such a scenario despite its unlikelihood can go a long way in an effort to take stunning photos. Here is a quick read on what you need to know:

Protect Your Gear

Always have rain gear in your bag just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. You can purchase rain jackets or camera covers to protect your device from the weather. Avoid using plastic bags, as these will not offer enough protection. They are also slippery, hard to fit, and can be easily torn.

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Inside the Car

Think about shooting from inside the car during extreme weather conditions. Just make sure to park in a safe and good location so you can roll the window down a little bit. It is also better to go for longer focal lengths when shooting from your vehicle. also suggests buying a Panasonic camera with robust system that will not quit after exposure to a little bit of rain.

Look for Shelter

Find an establishment with a shed or an awning to stand under while capturing images. Parking garages and porches can make for a great place to shoot photos from. An overhang of any kind can also work well if you get caught in a sudden downpour.

Backlighting Helps

Raindrops can be more defined or visible when it is backlit. Use a light source and shoot into it. Make sure to find the right angle and shoot into the light. You can use the umbrella you have to provide some lens shade.

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Sudden downpours present great opportunities to capture candid emotions. Be on the lookout for genuine feelings from children or rain-drenched people. Capturing those emotions can help with the composition of a stunning rain picture.