Attract Fresh Talent: How to Get Millennials to Work for You

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A group of young people working on a project together It’s a challenge to attract fresh talent, especially if you are trying to win over the younger set. Millennials may have a different idea of what a job should be like, but many members of their generation have talents and skills that may help your company grow.

To make your company more attractive to millennials and fresh graduates, here are some strategies you may want to try, as suggested by Private Tunnel:

Give Them an Option to Work From Home

This is not a fad; it’s actually looking more like the way jobs are going. Companies that did not offer this option before are starting to come around. There are mutual benefits for employers and employees when the latter are allowed to work away from the office. Studies have shown that employees who are allowed to work wherever they want (i.e., at home or at a coffee shop) are more productive than those who only work in the office.

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You can also reduce overhead costs when half your workforce is telecommuting at least two days in a week. Just be sure to get secure VPN software for your computers and your network to protect your company, even when your employees connect to your servers from outside the office.

Make Your Office Less “Old and Boring”

Whether your employees are allowed to work away from the office or not, transforming your office can do wonders in terms of productivity. You don’t have to turn it into an open office, as many employees still prefer to have some peace and quiet to work. But you can also add multipurpose workspaces where your employees can work away from their usual desks.

Have a massage therapy area built, as well, to help employees cope with stress. You may also want to add a gym for employees.

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Encourage Employees to Suggest Improvements

Whether it’s an improvement on the design of your office or on a process used by your company, listening to your employees’ suggestions gives them a feeling of empowerment. It makes them feel that they matter. You don’t have to follow every suggestion, obviously, but do your best to consider what you all agree on and implement those changes.

Some of the top talents today are young and ambitious, and they want to help their companies grow. Make these changes to how you do business and work with your employees to make your company more attractive to talented young professionals.