Are Bluetooth Speakers Worth Their Price Tags?

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ipod Bluetooth speakers are fast becoming a major trend. Electronics manufacturers are jumping on the wireless “revolution” every chance they get. The technology itself isn’t new, though there are improvements year after year.

Better sound quality, longer battery life, and the likes of wireless Bluetooth waterproof speakers are more common, and you can even buy them online from reputable vendors such as But are these speakers worth it?

Convenience is King

Wires may allow for improved sound at times, but they’re inconvenient. They tangle almost every time anywhere you put them. Various cable designs (i.e. flat cables) may prevent this, but not all the time. On the other hand, you’ll never face these problems with Bluetooth speakers.

All you have to do is turn it on, turn your device’s connection on, and connect them. And it’s not just the wires. Wired speakers aren’t as portable if you think about it. With cables, they’ll be a pain to lug for the trip.

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Packing a Bluetooth speaker is as simple as putting it in a bag and going. It’s not tethered to anything, and that gives extra points for portability.

On Sound Quality

Buy a Bluetooth speaker if all you want is to listen to music. You won’t have to worry about anything except battery life. This is a good thing since Bluetooth technology is improving. Better sound quality is possible since the connection is more direct.

Compare this to something like a Wi-Fi speaker. A Bluetooth speaker has little to no direct interference, thus allowing for improved sound. A Bluetooth speaker is great for taking your music anywhere, especially if you don’t have a headset. It’s for the more casual listener.

Play your favorite tunes or watch a movie while lounging on the couch, or while sunbathing at the beach. It’s for someone who couldn’t be bothered by anything else other than battery life. There are hundreds upon hundreds of choices in the market, all fitting anyone’s budget.

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