Accelerated Life Testing: A Revolutionary Product Enhancement Tool

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Engineer lab testing a new productThe issue about an exploding Samsung S7 had the whole world worrying about their safety. This is because, before the release of any product in the market, it should’ve undergone a series of tests and modification to make it fit for humans to use under different conditions. noted that one of the most common methods is known as accelerated life testing. But what is it exactly about and how does it test the quality of products?

What is accelerated life testing?

Instead of just testing the products on possible real life circumstances, accelerated life testing tests products and their reliability under accelerated fault conditions. Meaning, key operational failure-causing stresses at high levels are experienced by the product in a certain environment. This implies simulation of wear and tear.

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Time is of the essence, especially in competitive markets like the technological and transportation industry. Being able to see the results in a matter of minutes (instead of days) can truly make a huge impact on a business.

What are accelerated life testing methods?

1. Stress

Tools like aircraft and vehicle parts of machine tools are subject to harsh working conditions. To know its reliability, different types of stresses are applied to the product to see how far it can go.

2. Strain

It’s a test where the tool (i.e. mobile phone) is bent and placed on different realistic physical conditions (i.e. inside a bag or a pocket). The test is to see how long it would bounce back.

3. Temperature

Electrical boards are often the ones subjected to temperature tests to know the highest temperature such materials can withstand.

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4. Pressure

Water pressure is the most common method of testing. A tool that is usually used underwater is subject to extreme water pressure and conditions to test its extent and durability.

Competition is tough. Thanks to such methods, time is a factor that can be on your side.