Above Ground Storage Tanks – Why the API 650 Standard Tank is Important

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Storage TanksThe most commonly used above ground storage tank among the API 600 series is the API 650. Available in different sizes, these tanks are used to store oil, chemicals, gasoline and water. These are used all around the world and in different industrial settings like refineries, pipelines, airports and production facilities, to name a few. These tanks can be manufactured in diameters ranging from 8”- 100” and larger, based on the company’s need. These storage tanks are made of stainless and carbon steel and other durable materials – manufacturing companies design and install tanks based on the clients’ specific requirements. 

Basic features of API Tanks

Storage tanks have the following roof configurations and some other features that make them safe to use.

  • Cone and Umbrella roof
  • Open top storage
  • Pontoon/double deck and aluminum floating roofs
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Common safety features are shoes seals, secondary and wiper seals, roof drainage hoses, foam chambers, tank insulation and coatings. All of these features make the tanks corrosion proof and safe for storing different types of hazardous materials. Inspecting them regularly based on the checklists is an essential task – it not only helps to conserve products stored in the tanks, but also to reduce emissions and ensure that the hazards to equipment and people are minimized.

API 650 Standard emphasizes the need for venting tanks with closed roofs for specific scenarios. Venting is important to prevent the build-up of gases and to preserve the product. A manufacturer or installer of these storage tanks can help in picking the right one based on the industry. Regardless of the type of industrial use, API storage tanks have to adhere to safety standards strictly.

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The materials stored in the tank should be secured. It is, therefore, important that the manufacturer or the installer follows the API-650 Standard accordingly.