A Key to Improving Electrical Safety in the Workplace

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Lockout StationWith each passing year, organisations are investing in more resources — both financial and manpower — to maintain and upgrade their electrical systems. They do this not only for improving their operational procedures, but to ensure they remain in abidance with standards as well as safeguarding everyone from dangerous electrical accidents. The sad fact, however; is that human mistakes primarily cause these life-threatening incidents.

For many businesses, companies, and industries, inadequate safety policies result in the brunt of electrical hazards. With simple changes and improvements in these procedures though, including enhanced lockout tagout programs, organisations can already improve the overall electrical safety in the workplace.

Isolating and locking out hazardous energy

Lockout/Tagout — a safety procedure applicable to many areas including domestic, commercial, and industrial — can drastically minimise the risks of electrical accidents. In many cases, these take the form of safety padlocks and lockout devices used for isolating or de-energising hazardous energy-generating equipment.

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For instance, this procedure plays a critical role in carrying out equipment maintenance safely, wherein it’s necessary to prohibit the power of the energy source (like the switch), while personnel conduct their work. Through locking out the switch, no one can accidentally start up the equipment that could lead to electrocution, injuries, or even fatalities.

Tagging for danger notifications

Tagout — a crucial part of the electrical safety management in workplaces — functions as a means to notify others of potential dangers or hazards. Its use applies on a particular point of isolation within an electrical equipment or system, so that during maintenance work, other employees and personnel will immediately know that a task is underway upon seeing the tags. These tags should also bear the name of the employee carrying out the work, as well as the length of time needed to complete the job.

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All in all, lockout/tagout is something that all organisations involved with electrical work should implement to ensure the safety and security of everyone at the workplace.