A Field Worth Exploring: How App Development Keeps Friends Connected

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Friends having having fun with smartphoneEver since smartphones came into being, applications or apps today make it easier to complete tasks and connect with loved ones. Two brands dominate this industry, namely Apple with their iOS operating system and Google with their Android operating system.

These brands develop apps for your iOS or Android phone, so you can use to order food, stream TV shows, find a date, and so much more. Here is a closer look at the popular types of apps people around the world use daily.

Social Media Apps

iOS app development companies in Australia such as The App Team would agree that social media apps like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter have changed the way people interact with others online. These apps let you express your sentiments by liking or retweeting posts made by your social media contacts.

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Several mobile games have gone viral over recent years like Angry Birds or Candy Crush. These games also allow you to post your scores on social media and also let you play with others online.

Streaming Apps

Before mobile apps, you either watched movies or listened to music via the television, radio, or a computer. Now, apps like Netflix or Spotify can let you stream or play media like videos and songs online on your phone or tablet.

Dating Apps

Dating apps like Tinder have also become popular, especially among young adults. These apps let you scroll or swipe through a list of potential matches, and message them that you are interested. You can then arrange to meet in person.

Ridesharing Apps

Ridesharing Apps like Uber, Lyft, or Grab are on most people’s phones right now because they enable you to get a ride if you cannot hail a cab or publicly commute somewhere. This helps especially if you are running late for a meeting.

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To conclude, smartphone applications have changed how we engage other people and how we do our own tasks. Mobile developers have shown ingenuity in creating apps that let us stream videos or music, get a ride, play games with friends, and such.

Indeed, app development is a field worth exploring if you want to contribute to the industry with an app of your own.