4 Ways Supermarkets Encourage You To Buy More

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Supermarkets Encourage You To Buy MoreHave you ever gone to the supermarket and end up buying more items than you planned for?

Supermarkets have various strategies to influence customers to spend more. They are businesses, after all, and it is part of their goal to sell items to you, whether you need them or not. Hence, customers just need to be cautious of these strategies to avoid overspending.

  1. Larger Carts

You might not notice it before, but as the time goes, grocery carts are getting bigger. According to a research, customers buy 40% more if they are using a larger cart. To avoid this, you might want to stick to lifting hand baskets instead.

  1. Rearranged Shelves

Despite the fact that you’re going to the same supermarket for months or years now, you still find yourself having a hard time looking for an item. The stores rearrange their shelves regularly, and they do it on purpose. If you don’t know where the products are, you’ll end up staying longer in the supermarket. The longer you stay in the store, the more items you’ll see and you’ll be tempted to buy them.

  1. Bundle Pricing

According to PriceManager, retailers always find a way to beat their competitor’s price. One trick that supermarkets do to achieve this is bundle pricing  is they offer enticing deals, such as $5 for five items, to convince you that they are giving a discount that is cheaper than their competitor’s. But in reality, these deals do not save you money and you just end up buying more items than you budgeted for.

  1. Slow Background Songs

While fast food restaurants play upbeat music to push you to eat quickly, many supermarkets play music with a slow rhythm to make you feel comfortable and stay longer in the store. Based on a study, 29% of people who stay longer in the supermarket end up overspending.

Even if you force yourself to stick to your list, you can’t avoid these strategies if you’re not aware of them. So, the next time you shop, wear headphones, ignore bundled items, look for stocks quickly and stay away from large carts.