4 Hilarious Claims by Customers on Product Defects

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Outrageous Customers ComplaintsEven if you manufacture the best product in the world, you may still have a hard time satisfying all customers. If you encounter such, better be prepared as these customers can become unreasonable at times.

Manufacturers would always advise customers who purchased products that turned out to be defective and have them replaced or repaired without cost, providing it’s still within the warranty period. Most of these warranty claims were duly attended to by manufacturers or stores where customers bought the product. But, there are really times when store clerks might just as well bang their heads on the wall because of the totally ridiculous reasons customers return them.

These are the most bizarre complaints by customers:

“It won’t fit!”

There are customers who would return clothes they bought from a store insisting that the clothes don’t fit. Hello? Didn’t they just put them on about an hour ago and were clearly satisfied with how they look? CCTVs don’t lie, right? However, following the old adage customers are always right, store clerks would try to be as patient as they can in dealing with them. These customers, confronted with a footage proving they tried the product before buying would just affirm that they have tried it, but would resort to a “clueless” face and give a lame excuse of “I wonder how that happened…”

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“Where’s Woven?”

Some customers have a poor vocabulary, they can’t tell the difference between a verb and a pronoun. Normally, they would call the customer service support and let out a rant that would have the support staff covering her ears. So for a lady who was so impressed with the knitted blouse she bought and would love to have another, thinking that “Woven in Ireland“ would give her a company called “Woven” would be really one grave complaint that the support staff wouldn’t be able to solve.

“It doesn’t work!”

Another trait of customers is their ability to make a complaint immediately after the device they bought didn’t turn on. So Customer A calls the customer support of the fax machine she just bought and wants the company to issue a refund because the fax machine was broken. When the support staff asked her to trace the wire and ensure it’s plugged into the wall socket, the customer’s outrageous reply was, “I thought it was plug and play, didn’t know I had to plug it in.”

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“Not sexy enough”

To all manufacturers out there, when you’re selling stuff to women, better make sure you don’t make false promises because when you do, you’ll be in a lot of trouble. One woman thought that a pair of flip-flops promises to make anyone feel sexy, including her, but unfortunately, when she tried it at home after buying, she didn’t feel “too sexy” and would want to return the product.

Preventing These Claims

While it seems funny, encountering a lot of returns can be troublesome, especially when you’re dealing with devices which are so volatile. If you’re into tech manufacturing or a similar industry, better have a team knowledgeable with reliability testing, so you can avoid these hilarious yet nerve-wracking complaints. If you can implement effective return strategies, you can enjoy increased revenues and improved profitability.

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Indeed, the possibility of customers calling in to return a product or to ask for a refund will always be there. E Consultancy suggests that you just have to learn how to deal with this and try to make your return policies as clear as possible. If you sell online, better ensure that customers could easily see the policy so that the whole return process will run smoothly.