4 Easy At-Home Boiler Maintenance Tricks that Saves You Money

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Boiler MaintenanceA faulty boiler at home can be a danger to people and property. Boilers don't come cheap, however, and repairing and replacing one can be very expensive. If you want to save money on your boiler, here are the four things you should do to keep it in top working condition.

Always look for the warning signs

Many providers manufacture buffer tanks, expansion or pressure vessels, filtration equipment and even pumps, to protect closed heating systems. They aren't infallible, though. Be wary of warning signs your boiler might be putting out like cracks, leaks, sooty marks or even clunky noises. If you see any one of these, call a plumber to have your boiler repaired or return it immediately for a replacement.

‘Bleed’ boilers when needed

‘Bleeding’ means letting out trapped air from a heating system, which happens if the bottom part of the boiler is colder than the top part. Trapped air puts an extra strain on the boiler and makes it inefficient. Open the bleed valve to let out the air and wait for the hissing sound to stop. Once you’re done, just lock the valve once more and make sure that the boiler pressure is set properly.

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Keep your boiler clean

Boilers should be well-ventilated and free of any clutter or dust. Make sure that you have a space in your home where the boiler has enough ventilation and can be kept clean. Prevent the pipes from freezing during winter as well by pouring warm water over it, and insulating or heating it constantly on a low setting.

Turn the heat up even in the summer

According to experts, boilers can become inefficient when not used regularly. Even if you don’t need the heat during summer, it’s advisable to turn on your boiler for at least 15 minutes every day just to keep it working in good condition.

Doing these home boiler maintenance tricks will help keep it working properly, so you won’t lose any more money to repairs. You can also avoid having a faulty boiler by buying one from a trusted manufacturer.

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